Thursday, July 24, 2008

sunday funtime!!!

Last Sunday was a hectic day for me I guess…I woke up 6.60am in the morning to get ready for the explorace thingy..i’m he AJK and suppose the ajk should be there like 6.45am like I really gonna be there ryte..AS U WISH i would say…..i arrived there bout 7.05am and most of the ajk were already there…

Actually I hate to tell this but I hv to..anyways lets make it short…when the thing started, at first it was ok but there’s been a death in the opposite house!! It was a mess..BIG MESS..

At our booth…it clashed and surprisingly not only our booth clashed,so do all ajk’s booth and I was like a disaster..there’s something add on when we got feedback from the participants that says there’s 1 booth is not being relevant..the thing is,u see..most of the participants were girl and they were sensitive about the see-thru thingy…and what happen at this booth was..the two I shall say “helpless” ajk were literally “playing” with the activity by curah air sampah at the participants which mostly were girl…that’s too bad…I hate that..

Next we move on to Tahlil organized by my relative from my father’s side…I felt tired but it’s ok and yet I still have o be there..its on way or bare with it..we arrived early and I was like really need to get some sleep…but I couldn’t due to some technical probs..but its ok..i really had a great time to meet all my relative and we could ever had this chance were like so little…so must enjoy it while im still in Malaysia…we had chats..and finally pic time…that’s the part that I like it..the tahlil part was as normal tahlil…Yaasin recital and Doa tahlil and stuff…I went back to Mais and I’ve made a phone call…and I called someone I really like…its…H….

I’m excited and I was like 1 and half hours I’m talking to H…thanks H for that and making me happy..=)

only me who noes H..hehehe


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