Monday, July 21, 2008


seha,nisa,haseena,v,me at the back

Last saturday night I attend a wedding in Dewan Jubli Perak Hall in SUK, Selangor.. it was Mimi’s sys was awesome!! Well that particular morning..Haseena text me

“what time u gonna be there..”

I replied…

“around 8.30pm..”

She replied..

Gosh,that’s late..the wedding gonna start at 7.45pm and we’re gonna be there 7.45 sharp!”

That wedding nite..i called V n this what happen..

V,where r u guys…”

She said..

We are on our way….from KL…”

Sarcastically I replied..

“ I thought u guys gonna be here like 7.45 sharp..” and I laugh..

By that time they don’t even pick up Nisa who was still in college and Seha who was in Section 7 and its 8.00pm…

Finally at 8.40 they arrived and innocently they wait us at the hall and we were outside of the hall…my review,all of them were looking great..Haseena looks different so do V…Seha and Nisa were pretty in their outfits…Haseena wore a Kebaya and V wore Saree and they were all as beautiful as I expected…we entered after the bride and groom were entered….then there’s the renjis2 thingy and then only we ate….after that..

Here’s the best part..Mimi was giving a speech like a best woman speech..
I found it was so touching and I was crying a lil bit tho..i definitely knew it was from deep in her heart..knowing that her sys going to be far a way after this..Well salute Mimi for the great speech..

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