Monday, September 1, 2008


kursus kenegaraan mahasiswa ke luar negara.
look at the title pon dh scary ryte..

my first thought was sucks.well it do expected la kan..kene brainwash like hell.but there's 1 hing i disagree..ade ke patut they asked us to run like 2km without warm-ups.hello people,we are human ryte and i think we dont deserve that.luckily there's no one fainted or die.

it was fun enuff that i could meet all my friends..too bad that we all couldnt say goodbye to Unhas Student which 2 of 'em are Visit Mak Tam's member = alan n najmi.wanted to call but sadly the maxis line there was horrible and totally off. i couldnt reach anyone thru my phone and there's only 1 plug available and people were struggle to fight for the plug just to charge their phones. so damn funny.

plus the schedule was freaking tight and i cant barely have enough sleep.the thing is,i wake up like 5.30 and it was difficult to do that at home and there. I DID IT and felt like in the sky..hehe..

till the last day..its kinda sad and ade la sikit sense of patriotic in my heart..(deep in my heart mmg ade sket la) ,nigth b4 the last day was a tayangan and i dunno why like my tears fall apart. maybe i'm too sensitive..(maybe)..

here are few "things" i get from BTN..

1. meeting friends.

2. new mais i dun evn noe whos zetty and dun evn have chances to talk to hamizah(sorry tho~) new dormate like julian,julian,syed ariff and ala-chinese-malay guy.

3. souvenir from Philipines

4. gain patriotic mood.

my LDK Groupmate..

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