Wednesday, September 24, 2008

my few days in KL

raya season,
people say kl is busy and what i care coz i missed mornings in KL.
and it was exactly mornign that we left to KL last saturday morning. i was there till tuesday and i'm going to miss those mornings again~

i went to Mara to submit all those perjanjian stuff and i was worried that i might get scolded by En K. but luckily he was not PISED(pissed off). No problem at all submitting that stuff and i was relieved. then i headed to starhill..well wanted to waste my time and window shopping since Kotok finished his job at 5pm. then walked to Pavilion and jalan2 the whole Store and find nothing .its too bad that i went to Topman to get some stuff and it was like nothing left that fits me. so continue walking till i saw a fine-made sneakers and i like it. sadly i cash in hand was not enuff,so called my dad to bank in some and straight away i went to Giordano Concept to get it. well,my mum said it was cliche rather than the one we saw in Aldo. yeah, i adore the one i wanted in Aldo,but there no stock in my size. so,i tried the shoe,paid for it and straight away ran off to monorail to go to kl sentral coz i need to meet up with kotok at his office coz he's driving that day. yeah, i arrived bangsar station exactly when kotok was walking there.

i'm so excited coz it was my first time going to his new apartment in Bandar Sri Permaisuri. it was awesome and cool. way better than his old apartment. got swimming pool,gym and stuff..yeah i bet Nizar gonna love it coz i cant go there often later. day i'm off bak to ipoh and gonna miss the KL breeze even though it's acidic~
hehe =) 

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