Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kick Some Ass..


Chuck: Please don't leave with him.
Blair: Why? Give me a reason... and "I'm Chuck Bass" doesn't count.
Chuck: 'Cause you don't want to.
Blair: That's not enough.
Chuck: 'Cause I don't want you to.
Blair: That's not enough.
Chuck: What else is there?
The true reason I should stay right where I am and not get in the car. Three words. Eight letters. Say it... that I'm yours.
Chuck: I... I ... [pause]
Blair: Thank you. That's all I needed here.


Gossip Girl: Unlike the rest of us, sex lies and scandal never take a vacation. Instead, they take the Long Island Expressway and head east - to the Hamptons! Some of us would say summer is the busiest season. Think Park Avenue, but with Tennis whites, and Band de Soleil. The players change, but the game remains the same.


Blair: Your plan to ruin me totally backfired. Turns out Marcus' mommy is even sicker than you are.
Chuck: You got along great?
Blair: I think she recognized herself in me. Or rather, I recognized something in her.
Chuck: I don't follow.
Blair: All you need to know is, you lost. It was a solid effort.
Chuck: Tomorrow's another day.
Blair: Good night, Chuck.

kick some ass people..Gossip Girl Season 2 is out.
You never believe what you see in gossip girl.
Somebody saw Serena getting off the train at Grand Central....


Anonymous said...


Knew you'd comment on that. GG season 2 was released on 1st sept aite.

Ringtone msh GG ke?? :P

hilariouskozac said...

hehe..no la..ringtone dh tukar da..hehehe =) yeah..now i'm done with episode 2!! love it!

sarah said...

kozak! miss ko . ritu in rush tak smpat borak lame.ko pon cam bz je.nway gud luck eyh fly! btw gossip girl rawk!!

hilariouskozac said...


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