Sunday, September 7, 2008


what is that stuff?
yeah,i bet blogs are dominantly familiar with women/girls.
but,can it be considered as girls' thing?
i dunno, i feel like writing this.but i disagree that blog is a girl thing and it always misjudged.

i'm interested to do this coz i read a blog of a guy that says..."am i girl?" just because he's starting a blog. for me everyone have the rights to have a blog ryte?! so why bother!! doesnt mean that if u r a guy u cannot have a blog or not even close if u r a girl u should have one.

so,its all depends on the individual.everyone have something to tell.everyone might have stories to share and for me its kinda special for a guy to have a blog because usually guys are hardly to tell their feelings and maybe blog is their only way to express it. so people clean up ur mind and wash it out bout blog is a girl thing. blog is for everyone.

lots of love,big kiss!


baloo026 said...

hehe.thanx kozac:)

hilariouskozac said...

ala baloo..its just a tot la..jgn la terasa..

Anonymous said...

chill bro.
i don't think man who write a blog is not acting manly.
indeed I like it when people I know start a blog.
whilst I love to know how a man think.
enjoy your time in blogland

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