Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Freedom Writers

home sweet home,

we all have thought and it seems to be limited to expressed it.

bing alone at home sometimes makes me boring and have nothing to do. so i watched movie entitled 'Freedom Writers'.


i think the movie really inspired me alot. to see how hard to change someone is not that easy. ironically,not just one person she has to change,in fact lots of 'em. its all sacrifice that we need in our life. sometime if we see someone happy,doesnt mean that inside they are happy. people hard to express what they want to say event though they have lots to tell but they couldnt. C'est la vie. that's is too complicated.

its just the same what happen in my life,sometimes its hard to express how my feelings and thoughts.its either talk or silent.thats life,full of choices but sometimes they leave us with no choices.its either take it or leave way or another.

p/s: Freedom Writers is based on a true story of a teacher who fight together with her student until her student achieved excellence.Everyone is encouraged to watch this movie.

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