Sunday, September 14, 2008


Feels like writing again.

You one what,there's a proverb which says
"keep your friends close,but keep your enemy closer"
I think it's true. Fucking true.
You know why.

For me,because,if friends,they would know you well in term of lot of things. On the other hand,enemy or shall i say ENEMIES,they're just FUCKING PLASTIC!
We just dont know when they are at our side and when they are not at our side.
For one second they'll be close to us,the next second they'll talk a the back of us,
and that MAKE ME SICK OF 'EM!

I dont actually care whatever they want to talk about me,but DONT BE A PLASTIC la..
they might call me "total humiliation" but they cant really see that they actually being pathetic to get close to me AGAIN and plus BEING judge,whos being "total humiliation" now?

I just wanna make things clear here,i'm being myself and I'm SYAFIQ! i dont give a damn to anything that people wanna say about me. So,die in hell you motherfucker plastics!

Just because i'm a boy,doesnt mean that i cannot love fashion and labeled stuff.
Just because i'm close to someone,doesnt mean i have intention to that person!
Just because i bring tote,doesnt mean that i'm a girl.
Just because i'm smiling at you,doesnt mean that i forgive you.
Just because i have red luggage, doesn mean that it should be Burberry!
Just because you have brains,doesnt mean that you're brilliant!

p/s: This post is quite harsh.Sorry!


afiq Sayuti said...

is this the post you wanna me to read
erk really dude i can feel the flame here..nape marah2 ni?xpe2 hambur je dont simpan2 k

i think ur enemy should be the one u said once ek, erm aku pn xtau nk ckp cmne da but it's up to u..aku pnh ajar kn "nk turunkan ego seseorg, kite kne trunkan ego dlu"
well but that in some cases, tp klo da mmg org tu xmo mengalah..nak wt cmne kn..biarlah masa pulak yg menentukan

tp thing kan
org kata klo bermusuh or marah kt org jgn berlebih2 sgt,sbb xmustahil suatu ari nnt org tu akn jd org yg pling rapat ngn kita..insyaAllah...i,ve experienced b4

overall dude, i respect ur stand la.u know best kn. wtla yg terbaik.tidak salah mmbenci atau jgn lebey2 k.And BE urself,ignore those who get in ur line, JUST IGNORE not harming them hehe.mind sharing witf me k =)

hilariouskozac said...

thanks afiq..still need to talk to you..i still cannot cool down..really need to talk yo you..

Nasehah said...

wow.... syafiq...
ive never seen you getting mad like this..
gosh u really are blowing up..
anyway, try to cool down yeh dude?
i agree with ur fren, just ignore 'em..
ignore the hell out of em..
sape diorg nk judge2 kite kan..
so.. just be cool ok?
n omg... u guys gonna go soon...
i'll miss u guys!!~

Anonymous said...

aku plastik x ? hehe~


juz chill out dude coz no one knoe u lie u knowin urself...hatre only bring up bad energy to urself.. juz cool down n try to love urself... i believe there who love themselves can live life more than whoeva who hate u...

aUNioNEe said...

its harsh, but still its okeyh to voice ur discontents and hatreds out (:

as days pass by, u will find more n more people lyke dis, but remember, thre will also be sumone to heal d wounds.

talk to them, u will smile again (:

afiq Sayuti said...

ok kozac
im really availble as usual
im glad to talk to u too
for the time being, xyahla pk2 psl masalah ni ya..myk lg menda2 nk dipikirkan
btw, hope to see u soon too =)

hilariouskozac said...

to naseha & kisah lara seorng patriot = thanks so much..there's hard to find people like u guys.

to onee = yeah..the time will tell..thanks soo much~

to elron = no you're no plastic..

to afiq = yeah..see you on the 6th October~

Muhammad Hazrul Badrul Hisham said...

kozac sape yg wat ko marah smpai cam nie?? seriously dat party shud b really ashamed..

nway chill for da 10_10_2008!

mohamad said...

i'm off topic now~
its settled

Anonymous said...

erk, red luggage?
i bought red luggages, so that doesn't mean i'm Burberry kn?

Dr. Rashid said...

gtu u all...

ko ckp pasal sepa nie kozaq???

nak tau gak :P

BTW, nice blog u have there :D

enjoy reading it.

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