Thursday, September 4, 2008

Story of a Boy

this is just an essay.enjoy reading!
There’s a young boy who his mother gave him a birth at 0823am in a labour room in Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun. A boy who his mother nurtured him with good deeds and be a useful person. There is nothing special about this boy. He was just like other boys. He grew up with lullabies. He knew ‘twinkle,twinkle little star…london bridge is falling down..’. When his aged 5 years old, the parents send him to a kindergarten as he called it as “miss lucy’s “. There, he made some friends and been learning many thing while his parents are working. One day, his parents decided to put some burden on this boy shoulders. They sent this boy to an Islamic kindergarten where this boy had to do jobs 2 in 1. This naïve boy followed as in the morning he went to the Islamic kindergarten and without rest he went to Miss Lucy’s in the afternoon. The boy knew nothing. As time passed by, he finally aged 7 and I was a grwat moment for any parent to see their son going to primary school. Can you imagine how proud the boy’s parent was? They were tremendously happy seeing their third child in the primary school. This boy learned until his aged 12 years old which was the final year their child in the primary school. Even better when he is in the standard 6 he was offered to be the head boy. His parent was again tremendously happy with that news. Until it happen to be the exam year for this poor boy. He sat for the UPSR exam and Alhamdulillah he got 5 A’s and was offered to one residential school. By that time people said, “anak cikgu…” . After a long preparation now the time they all be waiting. It’s time to say goodbye. This boy couldn’t stop his tears as he saw his family faded for his eyes. In his heart he said,” It won’t last forever and he’ll get what he wants.” He was nurture in a totally new different way where his was nobody there and left far away from his parents. There, he only has teachers, wardens, seniors and friends. To whom he would talk to? To whom he would cry to? He was all alone. It’s not easy being apart from their family. Plus, at his age of 13, who could bare with it without having tears dropping on his cheek. There's one day when the boy was in form 2, it was academic day and his parent was there. this boy's result was bad and shameful. Its to bad that it was his father's birthday and he got bad result. Futhermore while walking in hurry cause his father was worried and concerned about the boy's result, his father nearly fell down. That moment really affect that boy. that boy realized that what he got was not good enough for him to show to his parents. That boy worked hard till then, that boy survived until his final year in that boarding school. And got 8A’s out of 10 A’s. He was sad, so do his parents. Every people have a dreams and wanting their dreams to come true. This boy also has a dream. He wants to be a doctor. But maybe he might go through a long journey which he also don’t know whether he could achieve it or not. Until one day, he got a great news that he could pursuit his dream to be a doctor. How lucky that boy was and his parent was happy for him. Until the final study he got a good result. This boy was thankful that he could go this way to achieve what he wanted to be. But, this boy don’t really know how to thank his parent until one day he read a friend of him writings.

“if in the past, what I achieved, people would say ’anak cikgu asmah/cikgu ali…no wonder la’. He stands on his parents’ names, but one day when that boy achieve what he dreamed of, he wants people to ask ’anak sape tu?’ then, the boy would proudly say, “sayalah anak cikgu ali dan cikgu asmah!” –edited from mckenn's-
actually, this boy was confused ever since his parents done all this. he don't even know what was the purpose his parents sent him off to 2 kindergarten while other parents send only 1 kindergarten. Why his parents left him all alone in a boarding school. and now that boy realized that his parents always want the best for their child. His parents want to see him succeed in life and his parent knew that not all that his parent could give.

But one thing that the boy realized is, that 5.5 years he will be leaving to India, he must grab the MBBS and be proud of that. When he achieved that, the MBBS will be the greatest present ever that he could give to his parents after all of these past years of hard work that his parents been working on and one more thing is that boy might be ME!
here i have something that i wanna share which i learn it in the boarding school which used to be our pegangan and till now i still use it..
ia mengejar kecemerlangan tanpa lupa daratan,
berperwatakan hebat, bersopan,
setinggi mana kejayaan ditempa,
balik mencium tangan ibu bapa,
di barisan hadapan sebagai pembela,
ilmu di dada menabur jasa,
semakin memuncak cita-cita,
semakin tunduk pada yang Esa.


Arif Johari said...

the story of hopes and dreams
may ur wish come true

Daddy Harith said...

im touched!

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