Tuesday, September 16, 2008


some people say, if we are too boring we might be crazy.
is it true or its just a myth.
well i think i figured it out.

- sitting + lying down on bed and termenung for about 2 hours.
- take out the ladder and clean up the ceiling fan (gosh,i hate it badly and if my dad asked me to do that, i would pretend i'm allergic to dust)
- insist searching for 'Gaia the series' in youtube even though i knew its not there.
- keep on refreshing page 'Facebook' for bout 10 times not less than 1 minute.
- walking around the house to search food while the fact that i should find food is in the kitchen.

well,if i'm a doctor and a patient come to me with their parent, and tell me all these symptoms,i would proudly say

"Yes,your son/daughter is CRAZY!"

and i'm sure i'm gonna expect one type slap on my face or it could be worst. And what will happen next?

i'll just smile....... =)

p/s: i just dunno why i'm doing this..maybe i've reach the maximum boredom of my life at home.
and wanted to justify that i'm nearly crazy i guess. One more thing, here is a picture i wanna share..it's a card btw.Enrich card.

there's my name on it and its like my last name cames first.

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