Thursday, September 4, 2008


since the boredom attacks now i'm learning a language that called French.

u see,internet is everything connects,it teaches,it directs and even can be a navigator to us the human.

well,i used it as a teacher that can teach me French even though its tough learning thru internet but i insist to learn it. ahaha..terasa like so stupid leaning from a scratch and rugi pulak din choose french at the first place during high school.

here are some of the words and phrases i learn recently..

├ža va? = awk sihat?

Bien = baik/sihat

Comment allez-vous? = same as above but refer to a group.

Comment vas-tu? = same as above but refer to best friends or family members

Comment vous appelez-vous? = what's ur name (in group)

Comment t'appelles-tu? = what's ur name?

Je m'appelle Syafiq = my name is syafiq.

Mon Cheri = my darling

purpose of learning French?

1. since i was born i wanted to learn french but sadly i choose Japanese.

2. i'm planning(maybe) to go to Paris this winter,if there's any winter break. so migth be useful there.

3. Paris/France j'taime as like in the movie pulak.

4. its unique

5. lastly because i'm bored!!!


p/s: who wanna follow me to Paris.preferable Sdarian coz we gonna me jenglotte and kotok there..hehehe :)


naboochadnezz said...

heyya! hamboi2 bersemangat lah tue nk pegi Paris and all. Hope to see u there!

hilariouskozac said... paree...

Anonymous said...

you and your france....

hilariouskozac said...

yeah..heheh..comment vous-allez...bla..bla..

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