Friday, September 26, 2008


logic thinking quiz!!
RM 1360 for 4days of orientation?

RM340 per day...

WTF man..
thats the price we should pay to MSU for god-knows-what orientation in MSU later.
yeah..spending like lots of money on the preparation is ok. but RM1500 to MSU is NO!!!

they hv made it clear 10 bucks for visa admin,40 for baju batik,50 for low quality labcoat which i custom made pon 35bucks je...

i think im gonna pay 50 bucks only for visa admin and batik!

F*** MSU!!

p/s: to msu,dont dare to think that we all gonna give u an appreciation card. it never come to my mind at all. or maybe a BULLSHIT card MSU might get!


Arif Johari said...

totally agree..
RM 1360.
come on.. diz pepole are not money factory material..
we are sponsored students..
and sponsored is way too far from paying for ur ownself..
they didn't get it..
bunch of sluts!!!

afiq Sayuti said...

aku da agk ko akn post cmni
u know what
aku bertekad TAK AKAN PERGI!
aku xkan pergi klo rm1500 tu kne bg kt mnusia2 tu

hilariouskozac said...

u're having a good sense then afiq!
well en k sed its wajib.
but i bet they'll maje it less then if mara dh cmpur tgn and guess what,my parents cadang it would work better if parents are involve!

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