Thursday, October 2, 2008

Raya Mood + Sad

first of all.

Sorry Body and Soul.

Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

ok back to the story.
nothing much,just wanna share whats going on to me this auspicious day of Eid 2008.
make it short
- raya in Johor...segamat.
- back in johore on Monday.
- went back to perak on 1st raya.

A day b4 raya.
pretty hard o wait till its evening to berbuka for the last day of ramadhan. been out to town with my dad to fill my boring time. finally helped people in the kitchen to cook all those stuff for raya.

A Day of Raya
solat > at home + eating > 'forgive' and 'forget' session + photography(by professional among family) > incoming duit raya > visiting kubur arwah Tok abah > raya kt umah Tok chik > back to the house meet more relatives + mak Ne and Family. > then convoi to Pak Dek's and Mak Noi's House > back to house to pack + leaving > Mak Ne's house > melaka = Abg Ijat's house > Kak Ina's House > FINALLY..Home Sweet Home.

Arwah Tok Abah's kubur.

what i'm gonna say here is,this year would be the most auspicious raya ever cause it will be the raya b4 i'm leaving Malaysia soon. well its hard to say goodbye and stuff and just got the info that im flying off on the 11th october 2008 which is 10 days from now. i bet i have to start the coundown to ensure that i'll bb aware that i'm leaving soon *sad..sad*

i have fews photos attached.

this is of the nephew

p/s: raya will take few more be patient. and i'll add up with sad song instead of Raya Songs.

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