Wednesday, September 24, 2008


well people might familiar with sisterhood rather than brotherhood.
yeah,why im even writing this..
i bet im sensitive i guess.
well im quite wonder what actually hppens in brotherhood.
obviously what i observed was, brotherhood might appears between siblings.
they use to share and talked to each other and being so close and people can see that they are siblings. what im saying is it happens among siblings.if its between sisters its called Sisterhood if its all boys,its brotherhood. i called it brotherhood because of my sibling are all boys.

mohd shakir,24,mohd shazuan,21 and mohamad syafiq,19.
three boy and usually people might call 3 stooges.

yeah, i sumtime i envy some of my friends coz they usually have that kind of conversation with their sibling.i mean like they use to talk and share everythings.sit down at home having a cool
snacks while watching movies. hang outs together as siblings. making funny things and laugh together. its vice versa than what happen in my siblings. im here not to talk bout how bad they are coz not doing that,but im wondering why i cannot be like other of my friends that have that kind of relationship. 

what i see saw, 
we used to call when we needed something,
we called when we need this kind of help that what we good at.
we called when we wanted to go back to ipoh together so that we could save our bucks
we were together when we have to be together.

we seldom call to hang out together to watch favorite movies.
we seldom call to ask whether we are good or not. 
we seldom call to having a funny and craps chat in the phone and laugh together.  
we seldom take picture that have only the three of us like we really enjoying it.

is that what we called brotherhood.and i now the answer is not.but why this is happening to me.
am i bad enough for them.
am i too fuzzy that i used to nagged them for something?
am i too bosy that i used to demand everthing.

i mean,c'mon if im in trouble,who esle i could find except of my brothers ryte. and seriously i'm thankful of that. in fact im happy that the person who helped me was my own brothers. but u see its easy to have that but its hard to be at one stage where we could achieve the perfect brotherhood where we used to share bout our thoughts,share our secrets admirer,talk about brotherhood,having siblings pillow talk...yeah,its hard.

i dunno why now i'm expressing it in my blog but yeah,my heart tells me to do so and god-knows-why.i really wish i could have time together that we really wanted to be together and
 again God-knows-when it gonna happen.

fortunately theres 2 picture that we have it together last week when we're in here is our best shots~



afiq Sayuti said...

aku paham perasaan ko

but brotherhood is really good at quarrelling and it makes us closer together

hilariouskozac said...

i just love u afiq..u're always here whenever i need u..
lots of love,big kiss.

afiq Sayuti said...

i can sense it

Anonymous said...

hey... u shud b grateful u have a REAL bro... unlike me... i got no one else xcept alip... n he's my bestest bro ever... hehe n yet the best thing dat ever happen to me.. but yea i know senang cakap kan... tpx taw pun rasa dia mcm mn... hurmm but yea been thru wat u were saying up there.. i know it hurts a lot kan... like a lot... but bottom line is... u shud b grateful 4 wat u have then... say u treasure urs... n i treasure mine... hee !

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