Friday, November 6, 2009

tonnes of work.

well, my class has officially started and guess what. it's been almost a month of lecture and work that I've missed. So, now, i'm back in track and lots of work to be done and lots of topic to be read.

There are 5 subject taken but i would say 4 since i don't even know how and what they are teaching in Community Medicine. 17th November will be the first Pathology test on Anemia and 1st of December will be the first Pathology tutorials.

On 19th onwards the posting to hospital will be official. Still don't know where exactly i'm gonna be. Heard that there will be 2 different hopsital from Dr. Sudha which are St. Teresa and Mahaveer Jain Hospital [this is not sure,they said jain,so i assume Mahaveer Jain] .

Ok, the point is, there are tonnes of work to be done. So, better get my lazy butt working or else it's going to be a mess AGAIN later, if you know what i mean.


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faiz ck said...

go kozac
tingkatkan prestasi..hindari kontroversi!!

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