Friday, October 23, 2009


Alhamdulillah and most thanks to Allah for giving me the chance to pass in the supplementary exam and also to all my friends here for the support and doa you guys have put up to all of us who sat for the supplementary examination.

I've heard many of us passed and some of us who left behind. I'm sorry and i wish i could say that how you guys feel, but i don't know how it feels and i'm not going to lie about it. But one thing for sure that i know is, there's always a bless in disguise. It may sounded that i'm selfish, but seriously no. I pray everyday that all of us could passed without left over, but Allah know better than me. Allah, may give us rain,storm and hurricane to hide the fact that Allah actually trying to give us rainbow.

It's hard to swallow the fact, but Allah always a good listener.

Sitting for supplementary exams, makes me wonder how i was when i was in primary school that how strict my parents were. How they taught me with the cane on the table. I'm thankful to have that kind of parents who taught me that way that now i learn a lesson of my life. It's hard to be a better person. i have the opportunity to be a doctor and pursue what i wanted to be and i'm not going to waste it. Thinking of what happen to my mum when she wanted to do law,but money was the problem and she had to let go, while some of her friends gone to oversea. I really hope that 2nd phase will bring me more alertness and teach me to be a better person.

Even though i'm broke due to the payment of unbelieveably expensive-by-not-knowing-what-is-it-for-payment to MSU, i think its worth rather than paying way more money to MSU blindly for the rest of repeating year. [note that,not that i agreed with the amount RM2000 for a paper to reseat,in fact i will ha*** kan the balance of unknown details]

See you in 2nd Phase.

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