Monday, October 5, 2009


This few days back, I've been thinking of what i'm going to do. Study? I really need to, but i really need the guts to do it. Planning a lot of things to buy for India. Time, i wonder why i flew faster than i thought, because I'm going back to India on the Wednesday and you guys know that I'm going back to India with junior. Yeay! ooppss.

Ok, what wonder me more is, how I'm going to miss the 'I AM.....TOUR 2009' by Beyonce, who someone I adore. Don't you? I think it's a lifetime opportunity. HAHA. Last time it was in 2007, if I'm not mistaken, which last minute they have to call off the show and made it in Indonesia instead. And now, it's in Malaisie for God sake and they do it 24th? why 24th? =(

Time also took away my friends away. So sad that i'm going leave my dear friend Nizar. Hope he'll be ok and always pray the good things for him. yeah, time also took Aqeem and Effa away. But, and here's the cool idea of mine came to mind that i wanna meet them!!!!! Gosh, hope it's going to be true. Amin =)

12th Oct, there's an exam need to be reseat. All i have to say is i'm going to try my hardest and knock it on!!! I WILL PASS THE PAPER!!! yeay! cheers!

So, time please, don't fly to fast after this because I wanna utilize my every minute and every time and make me feel better for myself.


p/s: I've started missing Effa,Aqeem,Jijah =( and Pilin is coming to town!!

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zati said...

chill la wey..aku punye kwn2 sume bdak uk kot

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