Saturday, October 24, 2009

Evil's Call

some of my friends had received evil's call from this instituition due to the payment which they clearly wanted us to pay so badly. Surprisingly, many of us had already made the payment, because we want to know the result, which again, including me!

So, yesterday night, i called my dad asked him weather is there any evil's call and luckily there was not evil's call. So, brilliantly i asked my dad to start maki hamun the one from financial department of M** who made the call and finally humiliate them by telling that i've made the payment. [not that i really want to humiliate them ok, just that i'm mad that there is no explaination for the EXPENSIVE payment.]

What a lucky guess today. M** did called my parents and i'm happy to tell you guys that my dad actually did the part MAKI HAMUN part till the girl on the phone sounded really scared and kelam kabut and she even tell my dad to talk to Mr Tarmizi or something his name and the final part which my dad say it out loud to them that i've made the payment already just to embarrassed them.

See, my plan really worked out and love when my dad told me that the girl on the phone sounded really scared and totally not ready.

Well, a piece of advice to M** [as if they are reading my blog] that's just superficial. I can actually do more and just wait and see what will happen later.



Anonymous said...

doing my part in the research. we'll see what happens next.

faiz ck said...

musti kalka akak tu.kesian gle dia..huhu

zati said...

yeay ko naek angin!

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