Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What are friends anyways?

This question suddenly popped up in my head today. What are friends anyways? I have friends, plenty of 'em. But do they really are my friends?

First of, I'm a shy guy, really, but I know how to mingle and make friends. I have lots of friends back then since kindergarten, which then to primary. In my secondary education, I'd met more other friends from various location throuht out Malaysia. Now, in the University, I'd make more friends and still have my old friends with me. But, out of all he friends which one of them are really my real friends?

I do believe that I still have my "besterestest" friends like Buyut, Effa, Jijah, Nizar, Pilin, Aqeem, Baloo, my housemates in India, and more who I classify them as my BFF, and I also happen to have lots of close friends. The most interesting part is, I have many friends, but some of them I don't even know where to place them?

I mean, you see, there are many types of friends that live on this earth. Friends for benefit for example, do they really should be classified? I mean, I don't get the idea friends for benefit. You see, I'm with my BFF, we are friends for benefit as well you know. I got something from them, they got something from me. Does that not counted as friends for benefits?

Let's not talk about that cause it's way too off topic. I wanted to share my experience with 1 person I called friend. People make jokes and jokes are the thing that a sign that people want to make nice to them. I purposely and with the intention want to make nice, tap my "friend" and what I get in return was a scream and anger from that person. Am I to scary or am I being to overacting? I don't think so, or maybe "friends" thinks that I'm overacting. I mean, people have anger and temper., I know, believe me. I do have temper as well, but each and every people should really have to CONTROL the temper, if not, you'll make no friends then. Don't simply throw you temper to people who try to make nice to you.

I admit, I'm fragile and I am someone that can be cool so fast that people barely noticed, but I do have my limits too. People says that people like are dangerous, that once I'm mad, I'll explode like volcano. I don't think so, but I'm not in the position to deny it. It might happen oneday.

Next, I have a "friend" that is so close to me,mind that, CLOSE, not BFF. "Friend" and I were really good, but the truth is hurtful that we all always not in the same boat as what people look. I think I'm a person that easily get involved with. Sometimes, I felt that I've being used. Am I too nice too people? Am I too fragile that people could hurt me so easily? I asked myself. Maybe. I don't know. When I'm needed, "friend" will fine me, when I'm not needed, I'm invisible. At first, I'm trying to be optimistic, but rather than I'm hurt, better I take a step backward and try not to get involved.

I think I'm too good and nice to people and people just like to take advantage of me. Maybe I need to be selfish once or all and maybe that could change me oneday.

I know, in this world, life is difficult but c'est la vie as in French they said. (translation = that's life). Hope, oneday, I'll find my happiness. So, what are friends to you?

To my BFF. thanks for being for me all this while. I'll always 'heart' you guys and may our friendship last for eternity till death shall apart us. =)


faiz ck said...

koko~la thazan.dont be sad.cheers!!!! aku ada cni..btw~i'm touched =)

zati said...

alalalallaa.jgn sedey2 kozac.ko dah nak balek msia pun.sorry eh kalau aku slalu marah2 ko

EF said...

u know yourself who you can rely on right. *ehemm*
those yg still care and dont judge you for who ever you are. *ehem ehem*
so just go to them n release all the anger or frustration or whatever unease feeling. u know your bff will always be there for u anytime. cheer up n hav fun!!

p/s: marah je zati!

zati said...

azree ke atas ni????hahha..dengki..

asphaq said...

" Maybe I need to be selfish once or all and maybe that could change me oneday."

Good point :)

Praveen RS said...

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