Sunday, February 8, 2009

Blast of the Weekend

Ok straight forward here.
Last Friday there was an event on Ain Jailani's birthday organized by Arham which he actually love her so much and he did this kind of sweet surprise. If I were Ain, i would really proud of it and i'm sure ain would also proud of Arham and may their love are eternally. The theme was Red and wonderfully people wore red that night. I didn't do much on dressing but i bought something which i think really worthy buying due to 3 reason:

1, It's on sale.
2, I think it's daring that i tried it.
3, I would like to highlight it. hehe =) *kepoyoaan sedikit*

I wore a plaid shirt with a black skinny jeans with a pair of boot, providing that i have a red glasses.

Ok, the party was superb and happening and the food too. Menus were spaghetti, chicken grill, sausage and fries and a big compliment for Fiqa of the spaghetti. It was superb. arham did the sweet surprise that there's a poem made by Salikin and recited by Tika. it was so sweet and made Ain cried that night. =) Last but not least, as usual, we all camwhore-ing and the time is envy-ing us. So, then i and ikre went home.The next day, i've been haunted by the anatomy drawings which are difficult and totally hate it! huh, c'est la vie en medical.

Shake your boot-ty..hehe =)
Say and me. Awwww!!
Kak Jaja and me
zaira and me...wohohoh!


naboonies said...

THose riding boots are cool! are they leather?

Add a riding helmet and you look like an equestrian back there (in a good way, of course!)

fali said...

ehh tlg wish kann ain jailani happy bday. :)

baloo026 said...

haii kozac..
sume dgn gadis2 je.

Sugar Rock Catwalk said...

cute pictures! i see that you're in medical school. best of luck to you!

also, thank you for linking to our blog!

:) lani

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