Saturday, February 21, 2009

Different but Same

In everybody's life there are few phases they will go through. The phase maybe different but the people remains the same.
Wondering why suddenly the statement come out thru this blog. Lately, i've been wondering why people around me are changing and i guess its the phases of their life that change. Ok, what's it's like to fall in love? As for me what's it's like to fall in love AGAIN? Well my last love was during high school which actually last for 3 years and then we broke up. (to bad uh!) I sat and think what it's like to be in love again with someone i really like or adore. Maybe it feels good and might be i'll be able to recall back what happen to me when i was in love, but on the other side of me says that if i really wanna fall in love again, i should find the love of my life which obviously i can't find one right now cause i don't really know who would that be. 

Lately what happen was poeple around me getting thru their new phase of his life by having a crush and really good about it. Not that i envy ar not happy for them, while i'm the one who actually sing "Match-maker..match-maker" song to them. But, i wish whenever they go thru the wonderful life of being happy and feels good about it please do not mistreat your friend. Many people say, girlfriends come and go but true friends cannot be replaced. Once they felt bad about it, its gone and hard to find one like them. But salute to some of them who actually managed to controlled that and have a wise thought of what others feeling. People expresses their feeling in different ways. Some might say they have nothing to be hurt of, but deep in their heart they do have the wound that hardly to heal. Some might show their body languages or direct sour faces.

Speaking about all these love thingy made me love to recall all the sweet memory that ever happened in my life who actually coloured my life happily. She who was the one make me smile when i'm not happy and the one who accept for who am i. I wish i could fall in love again with her but let the time tell and people made plannings but Allah the one who fulfills it. Yeah, her name is Noor Azmida Binti Yusof. She's now in UiTM Dungun doing engineering. We have something in common that made us happy together. We love music and in fact we used to play the same instrument! Here i attached her photo and some history between me and her. Btw i still love her.


LinA Shabbir said...

korg mmg so sweet 2gether =)
act, dulu kitorg (ohana band) slalu ckp "az, klu ko xnk ktorg nk".. hehe.. y not? it's completely ok 2 fall in love to the same person, again. gudluck! -)

afiq Sayuti said...

speaking of this, i think i also felt the same way like u..but its ok..match-making makes us know bettr of analyzing others

n speaking of love may be really hurt if we try to love or like someone else, in the same time there's another one person already fill up that compartmnt..but still memories yet to be memories...

live happily as u can...coz happiness is one u created urself..not others..hoho

p/s=poyo gak aku ni ckp cmni haha!

-uniq yg pelik- said...

xsgka ang p0st bnda ini..haha..
mmg pe0ple always change..
kita redha ja la..
tp xsuma p0n yg berubah wp0n sdah brcinta...
ada ja still xlupakan kwn..=P
dan's really hard to 4get sumone dat we like(aku geli nk guna prkataan cinta)...
tp aku xtahula mcm mana org bley tukar2 kekasih mcm tukar baju...
senang btul mereka melupakan cinta lama mereka...=P

hilariouskozac said...

hehhe..uniq2..btol kata hang tuh..

sarah said...


siyes ly
gle sweet.
i miss az sooow much!

Anonymous said...

u know what dik,i noticed most guys from all-boys school are definitely [hopeless] romantic.same with my classmate in kmb[who also from all-boys school],my brother[SAS] and my ex[SDAR] just to quote a few.but u guys need to be bold.kalau masih syg,just go for it.

back to the issue...
i may not comprehend the reason for your break-up but if there is still love in the air, dont hesitate to win her back.truly said, we plan but God knows better.tapi hati dan perasaan kita lebih tahu,not our sthg which can make u happy.we dont have much in this life,but surely we deserve the happiness.

*sisterly hugs*

oh ya,goodluck for 2nd IA;)

p/s uniq,kalau tukar kekasih macam tukar baju,itu bkn kekasih.itu kasihan ;p

hilariouskozac said...

to kak lin.
wow...that's soo true..but long distance love is so complicated yet people often misunderstood it..isk3..neway thanks again kak lin..

so do u..good luck in ur 3rd internal and soon the final 2nd phase..

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