Saturday, January 9, 2010

I wanna be selfish

Sometimes in life there's always give and take.
I give, You take. You give, I take.
It's simple, but it seems there are some people just don't get the point of the situation here.

Ok, let's get straight. I want something, at least I should give something back right? So, I've give something that lead me to gain something.

For once, I want to be selfish for myself. I sacrifice something at least.
I suffer for 2 weeks.
I was there when the lecturer cursed.
I was there accepting all the consequences
I was there when get scolded of not attending and kept the broken promise.

Attendance? I do care, I've learnt the lesson that I don't want to pay fucking money to sucks instituition for nothing, because I paid myself. My own money. Even though that suffers me and made me broke. So what did I do for that? I came to class no matter what might come along. Yes, that's how I do to care about my attendance. Don't you dare talk about attendance, if you can't barely make it to class for the whole fucking week. Demmit!

For once, I want this to be about me and some of us too. We sacrifice. Why don't you?
I personally not to meant to anyone particular, but just my thought and i thinks this is the way i can express what i feel inside. For once, don't simply think it's all about you, sometimes you need to think about others too.



zati said...

asal plak ni wey?

hilariouskozac said...

ade la..dtg la blr, nnt story mory~

faiz ck said...

sabar koko

nosweettalker said...

sooo,u are saying that u sacrifice those twoo weeks for us eyh?kalo xsilap aku la kan,ko mmg xgi mana2 bulan 12 tu,sbbnya ko nak simpan duit untuk pegi uk bulan 3 nanti..kebetulan msu yg bijak pandai nk wat kelas tyme cuti..ko yg mungkin xgi mana2 bulan 12 ni pun pegi la kelas..still u are saying that u sacrifice those two weeks of yours?padhal ko mmg xgi mana2 pun kan..okay la,kalo ko sacrofice pun,untuk sape?untuk batch ko je kan?yg mmg dapat cuti 2 weeks tu?ko sacrifice ape?sorry,the way i see it,u sacrifice nothing for me...lets face it la bro..untuk ape aku nk anjakkan exam aku?untuk ko bole besenang lenang pegi uk?untuk org len extend cuti?apa yg ko sacrifice untuk aku pon aku xnmpak,ni senang2 ckp nk aku anjakkan exam aku..aku tggu 2 mggu kat sini,korg silap2 bole extend cuti lg..
ok,its not about attendance..the way i see it,budak2 supplement yg xgi kelas tu yg sacrificekan dorg punye attendance,tu pun their own choice kot..still,ko sacrifice apa?pegi kelas tu u call it as sacrifice?
come on la bro,this is for your own fucking selfish's a joke ko ckp ko sacrifice utk org.sorry bro...if it does happens,then congrat atas kemenangan korg.

hilariouskozac said...

fyi, ORANG YG MAKAN CILI DYE YG TERASA PEDAS. i don't mind pon to sit for the exam straight away after the holiday and i don't even plan to cancel the vacation. so what, it's just the sake of i want some mercy and think wisely la utk org yg bring forward the tix balik mas from bulan 12 to march. i'm speaking on behalf of them, do u hv problem with that?

yes i dont have plans for december vacation, it's a bonus for me, sbb i got the attendance and so that i get to atend class, while other doesnt even care to come. not just whoever went for vacation, evn yg x g vacation pon x g. just i feel it's unfair. some of them went vacaion 1 week, yet still dont have the moods to come for the following week? may i ask WHY??? so now we are studying now kene ikut YOUR freaking MOOD la ek?

the reason y i'm so pissed off is due to the reason that some of u guys yg bijak pandai bgtau xnk anjak kan exam a week after vacation sbb SAYANGKAN SANGAT attendance, which clearly you guys don't. if u guys really sygkan attendance, y dont u guys come full every day for class without skipping and instead of utilisation of those 2 week which actually there's no vacation tu, g class. and now give the reason that can make half of the class to LAUGH OUT LOUD!

tolong la, i didn't say i sacrifice for U GUYS ok, tlg la. I sacrifice MY OWN SAKE. if ak x sacrifice utk dtg, ak boleh je ddk umah lepak2 maen fb 24 hours. but if ak n laen2 xg, mmg la lecturer sume x sumpah seranah kan. evn yg dtg lambat 1 hour during the first class pon dh kene maki hamun inikan pula nk tgk xde sape kt kelas.

the point is, not the part of dtg x dtg, the point is if u wanna stand for ur word of not to anjak kan exam, give A CONCRETE REASON instead of reason sbb SAYANGKAN attendance! people see what they see. jgn nk malukan diri sendiri.

i did this not to create pergaduhan or whatever, but this is it what i need to say!


hilariouskozac said...

just to make it clear, this is regarding the issue of anjakkan exam first IA to 12/4/2010 instead of 5/4/2010. which clearly xde kaitan with other batches. and this is among the 3rd batch as far i'm concern. so i'm sorry if theres any KEKELIRUAN among 2nd and 1st batch. I'M SO SORRY!

me said...

nosweettalker as the name really implies la kan...
amboi ayat bukan main lg..
but somehow i feel like u're not from our is true or not??
if it's true then this prob with date for our xm should not concerned u..
we're wanted to shift the xm from 5/3/10 to 12/3/10. both date r after the 2 weeks hols..
x kacau mn2 batch lain la kan?

bout attendance tu...y x pegi kelas witout reason tu diorg bkn sacrifice their attendance but simply wasting it!
and yes, going to class on normal daily basis that is not sacrifice. but, going to class when all others r not, that is sacrifice. not all dat should be doing it able to do so. just see how many student attend the 2 weeks lecture..can be counted with fingers je kan..
wpon sebenarnyer kene ade plus minus 40 dlm kelas tu..

this is just my thought~

simply dat~


me said...

oops sory..messing up date..
5/4/10 and 12/4/10

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