Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year and more has to come.

Hello, It's been a while since I last update my blog, well I'm quite lazy lately.
Well, 2009 had been a great year yet still a sad year for me as well as my family,which I'm sure they would feel the same way, because I do.

Recapping what had happened in the past years, being a medical student, tiredness, laziness, happiness and more. Early of January was new in India and still lots to talk bad about India, which I'm sure it won't fit this blog.

May was the time first time I went back to Malaysia since 7 months before. So, i was excited with everything about Malaysia. Then, faced the 2nd Internal Examination during the first year. huh, it was a disaster and tough.

Wind orchestra 2009 was held in June which was cool enough that SDAR won the 1st runner up and the year we [SDAR] rise back from the fall and with the new instructor, well-known Raja Muzafar. How I missed all the moment and will remain in my mind everyday in my life.
Not to forgot June also was the first grief in the family when my grandma paternal side finally blow her final breath on 2nd June 2009. May Allah put her among the Soleh and Solehah.

July was again grief in my family as well as me,even though I was in India, my maternal grandma left all of us forever. She was ill enough and i couldn't see her for the last time, to hug her, to kiss her and to say goodbye to her. She was in the hospital when she passed away. Inalillah. May Allah bless hr and put her among the Soleh and Solehah.

August was the exam month, and sadly I was among who need to sit for the supplementary paper in Biochemistry. It was hurtful and painful to know the fact.

October came back to India with all the no-readiness for the supplementary exam. But, Alhamdulillah I've passed and too bad that some of the plans were behind schedule. I was supposed to buy a new hp, but MSU took the money away from me due the unreasonable reseat paper fee which was RM2k. [sh*t msu]

December, finally went for postings and regular class and need to attend 'top-up' class during the vacation. Managed to get the new hp which i love so much right now and now need to save lots of money for the next vacation which is L**D**.

Now come 2010 with better hopes and future InsyaAllah.
Thanks for everything what had happened in 2009. It shall remain in my memory whatever happen to me weather It's good or bad. Sayonara 2009, Akemashite 2010. Minasan, Omedeto gozaimasu!


naboonies said...

happy new year!! have fun in LDN hahahah

hilariouskozac said...

thx jeng..hehehe..looking forward for LDN!

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