Thursday, January 14, 2010

of a cyst and a cut

As the title above reveals, yesterday, some of my friends and I got a chance to watch a minor operation removal of sebaceous cyst.
Pt who was admitted with c/o small swelling on the left cheek just in front of tragus of ear since 4 years back.

Since 4 years back, the single swelling was small at first and gradually increases in size and doesn't come with c/o pain. The swelling is oval shaped,sized of 2 x 4cm, appears normal skin with a black punctum clearly seen. Swelling is attached to the skin, with well-defined edges, firm in consistency and mobile in all direction and fluctuation appears.

there's no other associate symptom with the swelling.

A small incision was done by BMJH general surgeon, Dr Preeti.

ok, enough of the case history. It was a pleasure that we could see the minor surgery on our friend Solihein Siddiqin. It's quite scary when the doctor inject the xylocaine anesthetic. The incision was made just like what we did during 1st years dissection, just that now we see it is done on human who's alive.

here's some picture. interesting.


naboonies said...

Even I have not seen excision biopsy cases! (it's a wajib thing to do/see in ortho logbook)
matilaaa posting aku lagi 3 minggu je !

faiz ck said...

case history!

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