Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 Wish List

Goodbye memorable 2008 and welcome 2009.

This 2009, i think i wanna make my own wish list. May year 2009 bring happiness and prosperity to me. Ok,let's start!

Wish Lists 2009

1. Wanna have a well-toned body. (since i'd join gym..hehe)
2. Be more bookworm than before.
3. Score high marks in Internal Assessment. (there's 2 more to go)
4. Wanna see SDAR Symphonic Band wins the 'Treble Clef' Trophy.
5. Have a wonderful Birthday Celebration.
6. Get through first year smoothly. (Amin) =)
7. Wanna go to Korea and UK. (if possible and time allows me to)

Well,enough with 7 wish lists which i labeled it as my priority.
Hopefully it will come true~


ako adalah ako ... itu pasti said...

you're not 19 anymore~
happy new year~
and good luck for the next internal assesment examination!
bitawfiq wannagah fil imtihan~

Budak T-Shirt Pink said...

ak xwt list lg 4 diz 2009!!

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