Friday, January 16, 2009

Everybody's Changing

I don't know why i'm writing this but it'll be definitely goes to all Zerodeuxsix.
A special post for Zerodeuxsix.

First of all, Happy 8th Anniversary on last 12th January.

Let me begin the story, of course people wondering why all of sudden i'm making a statement that everybody's changing. Today, Najmi, who currently in Indonesia called me and chit-chat about all those thing. He told me that, my batch in Malaysia are different now. They are more socialite than before. Come to think of it, it's kinda true, know why? Proven in Facebook photos since Facebook become a hit website lately.

After a long chat and laugh with him, he hung up and i cooked. Then, it keep on playing in my mind, what did Najmi told me on the phone not so long ago. Yeah, i do think they all are different now. More socilite. Not that i say that it's not good, but it's awkward that they have their new cliques and Jubei always be the dominant while others still be loyal followers. Back 2 years ago or maybe a year ago, they all are still attached to most of the Zerodeuxsix. Not that i can't see there's no Zerodeuxsix at all among them, but they are mostly the same people.

Or maybe it's me the only one felt this way while others feel it vice versa. Even Zerodeuxsix who still doing prep in Malaysia also not that much news i've heard. I don't want to judge any one, but i really wish we all we happy like before and i really happy that they are having a real reunion on this Chinese New Year holiday even though i can't be there with them.

I agree that people are changing but what ever they change i hope they don't forget they root where they come from and not to forget their old collegues when they have new friends. Whatever it is, i didn't point this to other but it's general cause i've msade some new friends too.

So,whatever it is and to all Zerodeuxsix, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

May our brotherhood remain unchanged eternally.


rafiqa said...

your english was so good.
my english is broken!hehe.

erm,where do you live? ;D

hilariouskozac said...

i live in perak now studying in bangalore india.thanks for the compliment btw.
hehe =)

lynawan said...

sm la.bila aku bukak site kwn2 aku,boleh nmpk ramai sgt dah berubah.tremendously some ke arah yg lebih baik some ke arah lebih erm,buruk.btw,I'm glad 2 see that they r doing well with their life.I wonder, do I change so much too?

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