Monday, January 26, 2009

Last Fortnight, 30th, 31st and 1st

haha. This was out dated actually.
Nasi ayam was last two weeks ago and now only i'm updating my blog.

Back to the story, i'm busy lately so no time to update.
Last fortnight, i tried for the second time cooking Nasi Ayam which i think it's better than the previous attempt and since we have neighbour, so i sent some of it to our neighbour.
It was actually returning the favor that they also sent us food last time like pasta,spaghetti and stuff and here is the photo of the Nasi Ayam.

Nasi Ayam 2nd attempt

30th January 2009
2030 hrs India 
RAGA, Jayanagar

I went there to run some test. Here's the photo of the result. Enough said. Not really in the mood to elaborate more. =)

31st January 2009
1830 hrs
Divya Landmark Apartment

There was an event held by the Divya community to gather all the divya community. It was held at the parking lot of the apartment. Malaysian student who joined was my house girls house and supposedly with the seniors too, but there were only 2 girls senior were there that night. At first Ikre was not there and the guard was forcing us to do something. So Hayfa texted Ikre and ask him if he could sing that night and he answered YES! So he sang a song by Camelia which was in
 Malay and the gimic was Batang gave him a rose. HAHA. It's fun though. Aha, not to forget, the food was not bad at all and since by that time i was sooooooo hungry, so ate it all and felt good about it. =) Too bad that i don't have the food photo with me. One more thing that made me
 amused was there's a show made by this auntie, she played 'hand drum' which she actually hitting her finger on a C-L-A-Y-P-O-T. It must be hurting but she did it well and performed well. It sounds good in fact. Again no picture. =(

1st February 2009
1100 hrs India
Grapesview Apartment

I with Ikre,Topak,Syawal,Pokjak and Nabil entered a cooking competition in conjunction with Batch 3 Sports Day which i think cooking was so-not-sport-thing and they called it sport.*Ok, too much complaining* HEHE. Lucky me that i got chicken, so i made Chicken Curry and Chicken Rendang while Ikre did the dessert which named Chocolaty Fruitale and Grapesview Cocktail. My actual plan was just curry but a slight change of plan on the spot and we did Rendang also with Sambal Belacan. Even though we didn't won the competition but i felt good enough that i cooked for us to eat and also invite Fay,Deeba and Roha to eat together and they love it. HEHE. So, it's ok with me.





1. My team-mate during the cooking comp.
2. Dished we cooked.
3. Test result I
4. Test Result II


Nana Suhaili said...

wah pandai masak ke? nanti bolehla bg rase. haha

hilariouskozac said...

hehe...sure kak nana...boleh je bg nnt..

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