Friday, January 2, 2009

A glance of 2008

well i've made my wish list. so here we go to have a brief glance to year 2008.

- I've got 2nd sem result wich i got 3.51 which is actually bad.
- I can't sit for Czech Republik Entrance test.
- Having wonderful time in Mais with other MARA student.
- Need to be apart from other Mara student since they had finished their course at MSU.
- I have to struggle in my short sem which i have Genetics.
- Having slumber party in Mais with my ex schoolmate.(telo,nizar,effa,mafia,pilin).
- Went to Alam Shah n SSP with Raja.
- Overnight at Kotok's.
- Outings with my Ex schoolmate.
- Outings with Kak Sha and friends.
- Visit to SDAR with friends.
- Trial practice with Raja in SDAR.
- Went to Kuantan to see Wind Orchestra but sadly SDAR was not in the final 5.
- Got results of my final sem 3.67 and CGPA of 3.74.
- Wonderful time during BTN to see all my friend in Mais.
- Got my placing in India - IMS.
- Having plenty of time at home with family.
- Outings for the final time with Nizar and Baloo a Pavillion,KL.
- Prepare to fly to India which includes shopping.
- Final Eid and Ramadhan before fly to India.
- Final visit to SDAR to meet with all the teachers.
- 11102008 date of fly to Bangalore.
- Having a wonderful life in Bangalore that is Penthouse.
- Struggle in the battle of study in Medicine.
- Fisrt Internal Examination which was tough.
- A week of holiday and lead us to Kerala. (nice place.)
- Boring day of New Year's Eve.

that's all for a glance of 2008.

p/s: anyone who can add please leave it in the comment..i'll update soon.


. p i s e y . said...

uhh.ko rapat sama itu baloo eh.huhuh.sdarian.

mohamad said...

aah..rapat gak ar..hehe

boxhousestudio said...

auntie pi ke kuantan tengok depa bertanding,...uncle yang suka benar dengan music..masa malam keluar result dan celebrate birthday pengetua, kamu ada bersama ke?...oh ya kami tinggai kat Seri Malaysia masa tu...

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