Monday, January 19, 2009

Future Doctor

a pile of arms

I actually took a long time to put out this post and doing the favor for Zaid.
He asked me to do a specific post on how a medical students' life and here we goes. i'll start with my daily routine which i'll do it everyday except of Saturday and Sunday.

0700 Wake up/Solat/Bath/Breakfast
0800 Go to Bicycle/Auto
0830 Class/Lecture Anatomy..Physiology..Biochemistry
1130 Practical Histology/Physiology/Biochemistry or Osteology Class
1330 Lunch/Solat
1430 Dissection( Mon - Wed)/Community Medicine/Tutorial on Friday
1630 End of Classes/Solat
1700 Gym/Rest at home/Internet
1815 Solat/Rest
1900 Start opening books/assignment/record book
2200 Break/Solat/internet
0100 Sleep..zzzzzz

*note that this is not too rigid as it is..i'm flexible anyway. This is just how i spend mostly of my time.

Ok. On my point of view and more of what i've heard, to be a doctor is tough. YES, i agree and i'll reveal one by one why i said that. And one more thing is i'm studying in International Medical School, Bangalore under MSU and the system is not like system-based-learning like learn the whole system one by one. What happen here is we have 4 phases. First phase, 1 year and we learn Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry as core subject while Community Medicine as minor.

Basically, anatomy includes Histology,Embryology,Gross anatomy,General anatomy, Osteology.
and we dissect a cadaver trice a week. My batch started with lower limb followed by upper limb which what i'm learning now. FYI, all of it are not simple and we may say it looks simple but we must know every details on what we see. I repeat..MUST KNOW EVERYTHING WHAT WE
 SEE. for example, we learn Gluteal region; we must know what are its boundries,content,nerves supply,blood supply muscle corresponding, muscle origin-insertion,root value of the nerve,origin and termination of blood vessel, blood vessels branches,applied aspect and many more. Huh...

Histology = practicals we need to draw all the structure we've seen under microscope and by the end of the 1st year we'll have to memorize all the slides and characteristic feature which consist of 100++ all of them( if not mistaken). 

Osteology = learn all bones we have in our body and must know what are attached to that part. this part, what are passed thru, and groove or tubercle. Presence of spine, process, any fossae, any depression, convex/concave head and all. Ossification of bone, appears when, ossifies what age? Insertion and origin of muscles.

Embryology = Human development from sperm/oocyte, development during 1st,2nd,3rd trimester, development of intrauterine life and more.

Next is Physiology. General physiology and Heamatology isn't hard but tough. System is difficult as in very difficult. COmplicated since we must know details why this happens,how it happens, what if this don't function well, applied anatomy, disease due to mulfunction of system, interdependant system.

Lastly Biochemistry. Its not that hard but we need to be focused. According to the seniors, Biochem always been neglected by the student. all we ned to know here is we must memorize
 and know the concept.


WOW. All i can say is hectic and busy. Need to open book everyday. Revision a lot. Must memorize lots of muscles, origin-insertion,nerve,applied anatomy, terminologies and physiological important of system in our body, pathological condition how, concept in physiology. everyday learn all new knowledge and we what we know or learn in foundation was just a little bit or i shall categorized it as too surface. Everyday need to be in class and do practicals and
 dissection. Read book and learn if we dont get it. Exam monthly got MCQ and Internal Assessment(IA) once in three month. My next coming IA will be on March and there's theory exams and practicals. As for anatomy Dr Kulkani just announce that there will be practical viva(oral test) which we will be discussed about given structure based on what the examiners asked. Then, we have surface marking wjere we need to identify any structure internally without dissecting. we just need to examine the cadaver based on the bony landmarks. One day if don't open the book to read like we've missed a lot and need plenty of time to cover back cause its difficult to understans the concept. People like who are kinda slow to catch up, need to read up many times so that i'll understand better unlike people who are fast learners. Physiology need to read up from lots of sources since there are slight confusing infos from different book and preferably need to refer to Guyton's as Dr.Suresh mentioned, it is our 'Bible of Physio'. And biochem also, looks simple but disaster. I have to cut the book into chapters so that i should not have to carry the heavy-weight-big book anywhere to read up noe plus our library not as expected but still condusive to study in it while there's lacking of books sources. That's explain why i shouldn't bring heavy-weight-big book of Biochem since they don't even allowed any personal books inside.

Enough of my story and i have few reminders to all student who actually adores Medic and wanted to choose medic as profession.

1. Must prepare..prepare..and prepare yourself like you going into a surgery. You know why i choose surgery, because if u go into the OT, you'll be prepare for everything like vague thing like death and even tiny thing like napkin leftover in your stomach after incision. Ok, my point is you guys must prepare for mentally until your spirit and your spirit must be like burning flame of full-gased Bunsen Burner instead of candle and shall never fade away.

2. Must be super-duper-extremely hardworking. My senior in IMS + lecturers once said that to be a doctor is 95% hardwork and 5% intelligence. Let's say 55% hardwork + 3% intelligence = 58%, so you are passed to be a medical student. HAHA. just kidding..(who said medical student doesn't have life..laughter always be the best medicime!) .

3. Must love the profession and at least know something about it. Must know what you need to be a doctor, your course will be how long and always be sure in it. 

4. Must not afraid of a cadaver or else you'll never have a chance to do the dissection on it. Believe me if you are not willing to have guts of liking a cadaver, you'll do dissection with unwilling heart, you'll vomit there in front of the cadaver. HEHEHEHE =)

5. Have strong faith and never left Allah behind. Always put Allah above of everything else you do and InsyaAllah you'll make through all the obstacle. Allah always help His slave to do such a noble job as a doctor.

6. Stop being narrow-minded. Medical students do have plenty of time to enjoy life, ok! We don't need book to be nerd. Being a nerd is a choice and a mandatory.

So,that's all about my life as a medical student.


kutojimedo said...

i'm totally agreed with you syafiq....
but the diffrence is my course is a problem based learning.heh.everyday,i got to train myself to wake up at 4.30 a.m..after that doing some tahajjud,hajat and everything.eventho we were so busy with studying,never ever forget HIM.HE'S the one who has the key for us to of my seniors who got mumtaz every semester told us that,everyday,do the qiammullai..maybe u should try it.just sharing with u~heh

zati said...

omg..thanx for d exposure..hahha

lynawan said...

honestly,those cadavers n their parts in formalin are gross.but all of u tayang muka bahagia sj kn?knapakah IMS sound very hard?best la kn bdk2 IMS,boleh study dgn all out bcoz here km blajaq sgt la cpt,satu kls satu topik habeh.dah cover semua locomotor n few organ systems.btw,blog aku sudey terdelete lorr.visit my nouveau blog!

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